UKAS ISO 17025


The UK Accreditation Service is the sole approval body for ISO17025, a specialist test house standard which is recognised internationally. Whilst the basis of the standard is common to many quality systems, 17025 varies in that applicants must apply for specific test types which are listed within the final approval - These are the types which we can then issue a certified test report to. As part of the auditing process the UKAS reviewers will witness a sample test of each type to ensure that work instructions and processes meet the required standards.

At Resonate we have applied for test types covering Fire & Flammability and Vibration & Shock Testing. Back in September we completed a 2 day audit which covered the main business criteria as well as the review of our flammability, vibration & shock test methods. Following this we have now been granted our certification for vibration & shock test types.

In early November the audit of our fire procedures took place covering aircraft power plant, seat burn, and cargo liner requirements – These are in line with the FAA Fire Test Handbook standards which we have designed our fire lab to meet. This audit went well and we expect to have the additional tests added to our certification in the next couple of weeks.