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Military and defence products operate in some of the harshest environments and roughest terrains. If a product does not live up to specific protocols and standards, the end result could be catastrophic for both the product in use and the personnel using it. Defence transportation involves high stakes, as it transports highly sensitive and sometimes dangerous materials. Such vehicles and equipment are also used to deliver humanitarian aid and equipment to support development and maintenance of basic utilities, such as clean water and electricity in areas and situations where it is most needed.  It can often be in regions of desert, jungle, tundra, etc. resulting in some of the most hostile environments in the world.

Qualification and development tests to specifications such as MIL-STD 810, MIL-STD 167, DEF STAN’s or similar may all be part of the test regimes, ensuring that systems withstand the extreme climatic, shock, and vibration environments expected during a product’s lifetime.

Our knowledge of these standards and testing protocols means we have the capability to test ground vehicle components, aircraft components, electrical systems and subsystems, mechanical assemblies and components, covering the following test groupings:

environmental – temperature extremes, humidity, altitude, thermal shock, salt and corrosive atmospheres, sand and dust, waterproofness

vibration – random, sine, sine on random, gunfire

shock – impact, drop, shock response spectrum (SRS), classical shock

Vibration and shock testing is critical and almost always required on military vehicles and components attached to them. Military equipment frequently undergoes vibration test for the survivability of components, electronics, systems and assemblies, munitions and entire vehicles.

Our state-of-the-art vibration & shock, environmental test and fire laboratories can push your product to its limits during its developmental phase to ensure that it is reliable, durable, and ready for action.  

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