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While in operation and during transportation, MedTech devices are subjected to various environmental extremes.  It is imperative that these products remain in working order to ensure they function properly while in operation, no matter how minor or major the procedure is that the device is being used for. Shock and vibration testing ensures your product performs under extreme conditions and is used to simulate, in a controlled laboratory environment, the extreme conditions that a product may face during use, such as mishandling, dropping, and various modes of shipment.

Medical facilities have strictly controlled environments and here at Resonate Testing, we can simulate either single or multiple environmental conditions simultaneously.  Our climatic chambers cover the extremes of temperature, altitude, humidity and corrosive atmospheres, which are continuously monitored throughout the exposure.  We can undertake IP (Ingress Protection) testing for your equipment, ensuring that both dust and water are not getting into your MedTech device, or indeed through its packaging.

Medical equipment goes through a broad range of ‘climates’:  Dry or humid rooms, warm/hot cleaning and sterilising devices (think autoclave), fridges and freezers to store products, chemicals used to clean, disinfect and sterilise instruments among many others.  Climatic testing at Resonate Testing can determine if these environments will affect the performance of electronic products, parts and components, or even cause their failure.

As an ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) accredited facility, we are able to test the durability of your product (and the packaging it is in) when being transported around the facility, country or indeed, the world.  Drop, topple, vibration, top loading and crush testing are included in our capabilities.

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