Shake, rattle and roll …. all of your vibration testing needs met in one location.

Vibration of your test specimen to imitate real life in use and transit.

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    Vibration Testing is one of many test methods that Resonate Testing Ltd. provides, to help customers simulate the working environment that products face during manufacture, in transit and when used in the field.

    Many products are required to meet rigorous conditions under various standards, e.g IEC (1-7), or MIL-STD (8-14), RTCA DO-160 (15) or combined vibration and temperature/humidity exposure (16). Products may also need to be tested to customer specific test profiles (17) or a validation process, during the product development phases.

    The ECO Technology, high force (54kN), high displacement (peak to peak of up to 100mm or 4″) and high velocity (of up to 3.5m/s) capabilities of our shaker table make Resonate Testing’s facility one of the most technically advanced in the UK and Ireland.

    Vibration Testing can help give you confidence that your products are:

    Durable and able to meet the reliability requirements

    Fit for purpose,

    Able to function and continue to under vibration conditions that they will experience in the field & in transit,

    Resistant to fatigue failure,

    Able to meet the required quality


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