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All road vehicles experience large amounts of vibrations in varying forms during start-up and while in use.   This includes transportation trucks, busses, military vehicles, and automotives. Vibration and shock can surmount to detrimental damage to an automotive’s mechanical and electrical components such as radios, GPS’s, engines, and seat frames. We can test the mechanical and electrical components using sinusoidal & random vibrations and by replicating life lock shocks with our IMV EM2605/SA7M-VST1200/600 electrodynamic vibration test system that is capable of producing a wide range of frequencies, amplitudes, and vibrations.

Alternatively to component failure caused by vibration and shock, automotives have components that are highly combustible such as upholstery, seat belts, aluminium frames, fluid containers, etc.  We can test the fire resistance of such components with either of our oil burners (modified & NexGen Sonic) approved by the FAA & EASA, or we can test using our FAA approved flammability chamber capable of vertical, horizontal, and 45 degree testing. We are able to test to a number of automotive standards and due to the experience of our employees, we offer robust fixture designs to ensure appropriate testing of a variety of components to the specifications required.  To make a query or to get in contact with us, Click Here.

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