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The automotive industry faces different challenges today than it did just a couple of years ago. Cars have become very sophisticated pieces of technology. They need to be tested, not only to comply with international standards, but also to guarantee the safety of their users. This century’s leading technological developments are making mobility more connected, more automated and more energy efficient. Innovations both inside and outside the vehicle will create intelligent mobility systems that make driving smarter and safer. The growth of electric vehicles (EV) and lithium battery storage systems onboard further adds to the complexities of design, testing and certification.

All road vehicles, including transportation trucks, buses, military vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, electric bicycles and cars, experience large amounts of vibrations in varying forms during start-up and while in use.   The vibration and shocks can cause detrimental damage to an vehicle’s mechanical and electrical components such as radios, GPS’s, engines, and seat frames, and cause fatigue and wear over time, reducing reliability. We can test components using sinusoidal and random vibrations and by replicating shocks that are applicable to the field  (think pot holes). 

Environmental exposure can also affect components and sub-structures within a vehicle. We also offer combined environmental and vibration testing, thermal cycling, thermal shock, salt spray/corrosion testing and bespoke testing allowing components to be analysed in harsh environments to ensure their suitability for the use intended.

Lithium batteries give their own challenges. The development of new battery chemistries and battery management systems requires extensive testing and validation - especially with regard to the specified applications which can range from e-scooters and e-bikes up to large construction vehicles. This includes investigations of charging and discharging at different temperatures, mechanical testing, climatic testing and fire resistance testing.

We are able to test to a number of automotive standards, international regulations and OEM-specific requirements and due to the experience of our employees. We offer robust fixture designs to ensure appropriate testing of a variety of components to the specifications required. 

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