Simulate real world conditions in which products will actually be operating

Simulate a wide variety of environments such as aerospace, marine, extremes of desert, arctic and many more combinations.

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    Our multiple chambered facility can accommodate thermal testing from as low as -100⁰C to +200⁰C with ramp rates of up to 10⁰C per minute in line with IEC 60068 (1-9) and we can thermally cycle test items rapidly in line with MIL-STD-810 (23-37).

    We have chambers to perform combined temperature and humidity cycling, temperature and altitude changes and thermal shock (both manual and automated). These can simulate a wide variety of environments such as aerospace (high altitude and low temperature), marine (ships, ocean platforms, shore facilities, exposure to salt spray), extremes of desert (high temperature, low humidity), arctic (low temperature, low humidity) and many more combinations.

    For testing in line with DEF STAN 00-35 (10-19) we are able to provide testing facilities that allow items to be tested while in operation, e.g. powered up or with fluids or air flowing.

    Resonate Testing’s facility offers a range of testing, in particular temperature and humidity environments.

    High temperature cycling and soak

    Low temperature cycling and soak

    Thermal cycling with rapid ramp rates

    Thermal shock testing

    Combined temperature and humidity testing

    Combined altitude and temperature

    Salt spray/salt fog and corrosive atmosphere testing

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      Field of Enquiry

      How did you hear about us?