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The aerospace industry is constantly adapting. Companies are racing to create the safest, fastest, efficient, cleanest and most comfortable aircraft.  As the industry changes, so is the testing sector.  Test schemes are becoming more complex and stringent to ensure aircraft and their components remain durable, reliable, and abide by all industry regulations/guidelines.

During take-off, while in flight, and when landing; aerospace products such as fixed wing aircrafts, jets, turboprops and helicopters are subject to vibrations, shocks, temperature changes, and even pressure fluctuations.  Over time these environmental factors can degrade  and fatigue components, create noise, and can even displace vital parts, and/or electrical systems; which are detrimental to both the aircraft and its operator.

At Resonate Testing, we have a wealth of knowledge in the aerospace industry, stemming from our sister consultancy NSC.

We can cover a wide range of aircraft specific tests, including many of the sections of RTCA/DO-160 and EUROCAE ED-14G. These specifications establish standard procedures and environmental test criteria for testing airborne products and equipment for the entire spectrum of aircraft from light general aviation aircraft and helicopters through the “Jumbo Jets” and SST categories of aircraft.

Our vibration testing laboratory features several electrodynamic vibration tables capable of a wide range of frequencies, amplitudes, and spectrums that we can use to test your product and ensure it meets either industry standards set out by the FAA, EASA or customer specific ones. It can be combined with temperature and humidity testing at the same time or as part of a cascade.  We can also carry out climatic/environmental testing including salt pray, waterproofness and altitude testing (100,000ft).

Our in-house fire laboratory offers extensive fire and flammability tests using

Kerosene oil burners (a Standard modified gun oil burner and the new NexGen Sonic burner, both of which meet FAA and EASA test standards/requirements)

Multi-purpose flammability test cabinet

The extensive capabilities we offer with fire & flammability testing range from, but are not limited to, certification of engine components, cabin interiors, cargo compartments/panels, and many materials found inside the cabin such as aircraft seat cushions.

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