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Does your product work properly – come rain or shine?

Is it still safe and operational under environmentally stressful conditions?

Material and reliability testing is a must for many different products and components, as it verifies how a product or material responds to challenging environments and situations. A device may not be designed to operate under water, for example, but you still want to ensure that the end user does not receive an electric shock if liquid is spilled on it. Similarly, products should not cause a fire or produce hazardous waste.

The basic definition of reliability is, in the life cycle of a product, the probability of completing its normal functions under the normal use of environmental conditions. In brief, high reliability means the product has a high probability of properly functioning in its entire life time.

In the current era of product development processes becoming shorter and shorter, the reliability test method can be quickly utilised to verify if a product has weaknesses in its design. This type of testing can confirm whether it would function well under the challenges of future operating environments.

Our electrodynamic vibration systems replicate swept sine & random vibrations as well as life-like shocks to see if such products are up to industry and consumer specific standards. The products operational environment may demand that they are functional at hot or cold temperatures, survive humidity, or are water or dust tight. Each of these tests can be carried out in the design phase or for certification, to international or customer specific standards. 

The core value of reliability is to uncover the potential defects during the product design phase, verify the production quality during production phase, reduce the possibility of customer returns, improve the product quality and enhance the value of the of the brand while safeguarding its reputation.

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