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The space industry is undergoing vast transformation as the private sector and government agencies race to enable new technological capabilities. Companies must produce unprecedented volumes of satellites and launch vehicles, manufacturing on accelerated timelines while ensuring program success.

The space industry poses particular complexities for testing for a number of reasons. Firstly, testing requires replicating the environment in which the hardware will be used. In space, these environments are nothing short of extreme – such as large temperature variations and immense vibrations caused by a successful launch with multiple stages of booster separation. Secondly, in most other industries if something goes wrong, you can react and fix the issue, but this is not always possible once something is in space.

Resonate Testing has developed its own bespoke shock and pyroshock testing facility that can recreate the complex shocks that are experienced in the most extreme environments. With a wide range of impact devices and shock transfer media, we are confident we can find a solution for even the most complex shock spectra.

One of the benefits of the technique that Resonate Testing has developed is that the shock testing can be “custom fit" to the Shock Response Spectra (SRS) for any specific equipment under test (EUT). Based on the use of a mass representative model, mounting configuration and the test set up adjustments that Resonate Testing introduce before testing of the actual EUT, we ensure that it experiences the required SRS input. This is a great advantage that Resonate provides to companies who want to shock test their equipment for a variety of SRS or different equipment for the same SRS.  ​

Resonate Testing provide a consultancy service to assist companies in shortening their development cycles and provide important shock test support at every step of the development cycle from prototype tests to full space qualification test campaigns.

Projects include customer product validation for Ariane 6 and Vega-C and many more. Resonate maintain engineering and fabrication support to undertake bespoke, sophisticated one-off test requests. 

Because we don’t just test, we also invest in research and development, we’re particularly excited about the innovations we’re implementing:

Maintaining a strong engineering team, we differentiate ourselves by demonstrating our ability to support clients fully, as a complete Test Service Facilitator.

The space equipment test activity that started as a pilot project for Réaltra Space Systems Engineering has now grown into a collaborative and successful partnership. This enabled Réaltra to complete the shock test qualification of the launcher video telemetry system locally and maintain a schedule to support their customer’s needs.

The development of a flexible shock test facility will assist space companies to shorten their development cycles from prototype tests to full space qualification test campaigns

#BIGNEWS from Resonate Testing Limited who've completed shock testing on the hardware that will be used on the ESA Lunar Pathfinder Spacecraft.

The mission will help lay foundations for providing the dedicated comms, navigation and operations services to upcoming explorations of the Moon.

The Newry-based business has been working in partnership with Dr Ben Kieniewicz from European Engineering & Consultancy Ltd (EECL) to conduct testing on the two payload modules that EECL is supplying ESA. These modules will provide the first ever SatNav position fix outside of earth's orbit.

Lunar Pathfinder is due to launch in 2025 and will offer nearside, farside, orbit and polar services to missions launching in the coming years, laying the foundations for a constellation of telecomms and navigation satellites around the Moon.


Resonate Testing worked with Dublin based Réaltra Space Systems Engineering, which played a critical role in the launch by providing video images of the separation of the fairings (equipment used to protect the spacecraft during launch), and the spacecraft from the rocket. Réaltra Space Systems ensured that all products underwent a rigorous “qualification” test campaign, which validated that the design could survive the harsh environments of the launch and space with sufficient margin. The process included extensive testing by Resonate Testing’s experienced and knowledgeable team to ensure the tests were completed to the required space industry standards.


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