Resonate Testing are pleased to announce that we now provide upgraded secure live video streaming of testing.

As many of our customers will be aware, we already frequently live stream testing via a secure broadcast, for customers who wish to monitor tests while offsite. To date, this has mainly been focused on our propulsion grade testing, and where appropriate our vibration testing. Due to recent upgrades we can provide live streaming throughout the facility for all the tests we conduct.

The live stream includes discussion with the customer engineers, setup, demonstration of the calibration and instrumentation verification, demonstration of the functional parameters during the test and naturally cameras on the test item, with video live streaming from several angles all of which are agreed with the customer in advance.

Of course, clients are always welcome to come and visit us, and send a witness to any testing we conduct. Many customers find the live streaming acceptable and of course any testing is backed up by a very comprehensive test plan and report.

We view our live streaming capabilities as a demonstration to our customers of our commitment to ensure progressive test capability, while reducing burden for customers who select Resonate Testing for their compliance testing.

Tom Mallon the company’s Managing Director stated that, “while we provide active live streaming at the moment, we are always considering how to add value for the customer, and believe that this will significantly improve the customer experience when contracting Resonate Testing in demonstration of product validation or certification”.

Resonate Testing Limited

Resonate Testing is a new commercial test house for organisations in need of high quality testing and certification services within all industrial sectors.

Resonate Testing is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Nacelle Group, the parent company of our highly reputable aerospace engineering organisation: Nacelle Systems Consultancy (NSC).

NSC has a long history and specialist knowledge in Vibration, Fire and Environmental Testing for its customers worldwide.  NSC’s experience in aerospace engineering provides a key foundation for our capabilities in test specification and certification with the result that customers can be confident of a highly professional and knowledgeable service.

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Our state-of-the-art Vibration & Fire Test house has the ability to test products from a  number of industries including –