Charging Ahead with Battery Testing at Resonate Testing

With the new and ever-improving technology that is prevalent across many areas of our lives, chances are that a large proportion of the devices that we use are battery powered. Whether it is our mobile phones, watches, laptops, battery power tools and even our bikes and cars, people are opting for convenience through the likes of battery-powered portable chargers. They are opting for more sustainable technologies and as a result, the batteries contained within these devices have undergone a rapid transformation in recent years and innovation in the sector has accelerated.

In particular, there has been a focus on the lithium-ion batteries that are used in rechargeable devices, and according to the International Energy Agency, automotive lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery demand increased by about 65% in 2022.

In response to the increase in demand, the guidelines surrounding the safety of Li-Ion batteries has become a key concern in the industry. This is in part due to their categorisation as a ‘Class 9 Dangerous Good’ as a result of potential fire hazards when in use. There has been an uptick in reports of such cases, particularly in North America, in which e-bikes and electric scooters have caught fire during everyday use. With incorrect usage and/or transportation being blamed for these cases, the need for robust battery testing measures of products prior to launch to ensure they are fit for purpose, has never been more important.

And this is where the team at Resonate Testing come in.

With extensive experience in rigorous testing across a wide range of sectors, Resonate Testing is fully committed to supporting its global client base, and has the technical knowledge, market-leading facilities, and equipment to do so. Its capabilities for testing currently include:

  • Mechanical – Impact, Crush, Nail Penetration testing
  • Environmental – Temperature, Humidity, Vibration, Shock testing
  • Electrical – Overcharge, Forced Discharge, Short Circuit 

In recent years, the company has experienced a surge in demand of battery testing including battery abuse, safety, performance, fire and flammability and validation testing – all on a range of different battery chemistries. As a result, it has recently invested in building additional capacity solely dedicated to battery testing.

With a fully equipped, specialised fire testing facility, testing of various battery and battery packaging, according to fire testing requirements, can be accommodated. 

Resonate Testing also pays close attention to the relevant UN legislation that is now in place to govern the handling and shipping of these Li-Ion batteries and can carry out a range of electrical and mechanical tests that are laid out within UN 38.3 for the transportation of dangerous goods. 

And as the industry continues to change, there are many standards developed for each industry with similarities, but also with subtle differences. Thanks to its extensive technical knowledge, Resonate Testing can help in determining the appropriate direction and the most applicable test cascade. 

Resonate Testing’s Battery Assurance Team (BAT) is on a continuous improvement path to demonstrate that it provides up-to-date expertise to its clients.  Most recently taking part in the Battery Abuse Testing training at University of Warwick’s Energy Innovation Centre. During the extensive course, the team gained hands on experience of battery abuse testing in a EUCAR level 7 test chamber, and covered topics that are at the cutting-edge of battery testing, including understanding different approaches to battery abuse testing, the hazards created during battery failure events and how to manage these hazards.

So, whether you’re within the ebike, escooter, electric vehicles, portable electronic equipment or energy storage sectors to name but a few, when you choose Resonate Testing as your testing partner, you can be assured that you are receiving the highest standards in testing services.

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