Come rain or shine your external products are subject to the elements.

Does your material or product withstand corrosion? 

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    Corrosion typically happens when materials are exposed to an aggressive environment, which results in the degradation of material.

    Corrosion testing allows the customer to identify materials and coatings that will protect against the degradation of materials exposed to extreme environments.  The objective of the testing is to verify that the comparative quality of a metallic materials, with or without corrosion protection, is maintained when exposed to Salt Mist or Salt Spray, reference IEC 60068-2-11(12) and 52(11) (Salt Fog Environmental Testing).

    Here at Resonate Testing Ltd., we provide Corrosion Testing in artificial atmospheres in line with BS EN ISO 9227: 2012(10) utilising our Salt Spray Test unit.

    We also have capability to test to a variety of international standards including RTCA/DO160 (1), ASTM G85(5-9) and MIL-STD-810, Method 509(3) for Salt Fog testing – see our complete range of test capabilities in the table below*.

    Operating to a maximum temperature of 70⁰C and able to achieve 100% RH (Relative Humidity), we provide accelerated corrosion testing of materials allowing comparisons to be made between actual and expected corrosion resistance.

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