Resonate Testing unveils new testing capabilities

Newry based testing company upgrades facilities to accommodate new testing processes

Leading testing company, Resonate Testing has expanded its extensive offering to clients by investing in and commissioning a new test capability at its Newry base.

The company recently upgraded its facilities to cater for high flow and high temperature aircraft engine oil and fuel component testing, following a request from one of its global clients. The high flow and high temperature test processes, designed and built by the team at Resonate Testing, replicate sophisticated real-life engine conditions for new modern aircraft.

Resonate Testing’s new test capability, with the ability to heat and pressurise low flow volume, will be used during the fire testing of aircraft propulsion systems.  

Fuel system testing is becoming more critical to the reliability, endurance and safety of aircraft, and due to the complicated nature of fuel systems, testing must be performed in-situ with comprehensive test protocols that simulate all of the internal and external forces acting on the system.

The testing allows new product innovation in support of lighter weight, higher performance components which must be assessed prior to entry into service.

Michael Hudson, Resonate Testing Chief Engineer said, “The new test capability is a great demonstration of our willingness to step up and solve customer problems. It is a further reaffirmation that the Resonate Testing team retains great capability to design, build and install innovative solutions that allow aircraft fuel and oil circuits to be concurrently tested.”

Managing Director, Tom Mallon, added, “We are constantly reviewing and anticipating the test capability that customers are developing to ensure aircrafts and all their components remain durable, reliable, and abide by all industry regulations and guidelines. Part of our USP is our ability to create bespoke testing when required, and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer customers testing services that others cannot.”

Whilst the company primarily upgraded its facilities to ensure it can conduct this particularly difficult test for one of its large global aerospace clients, the testing can be applied to many different sectors.  

Renowned for its high-quality testing services and expertise, Resonate Testing works across a range of sectors including the space industry, automotive, medical technology, humanitarian aid, electrical and mechanical, and research and development.

The company is currently in the early stages of planning subsequent upgrades to its facility later this year, which will further extend its testing and certification capabilities and allow it to continue offering additional high-quality testing and certification services across all industrial sectors.

Resonate Testing has recently been involved in projects including the James Webb Space Telescope and ESA’s Lunar Pathfinder spacecraft. The company has a customer base that ranges geographically from Europe, USA and Brazil, to Canada and Japan, as well as across the Island of Ireland and the UK.