Resonate Testing Closing Skills Gap with Participation in Higher Level Apprenticeship Programme

NEWRY-based testing company, Resonate Testing is taking steps to close the current skills gap facing many companies across Northern Ireland, through participation in the Higher Level Apprenticeship programme.

The Higher Level Apprenticeship programme will see two apprentices join Resonate Testing on a part time basis, whilst undertaking a professional-level qualification with Southern Regional College. The programme will allow Resonate Testing to train the apprentices to the level required so they can garner strong technical and employability skills, as well as allowing for increased productivity within the company.

Whilst the apprentices earn as they learn, they will also have improved opportunities for career progression, and have exposure to the technical skills involved in the niche market of testing with a growing and successful company that offers its services to the global market.

Tom Mallon, Managing Director at Resonate Testing spoke about the Higher Level Apprenticeship programme saying, “Whilst Resonate Testing has taken on apprentices and interns before, this is our first time to participate in the Higher Level Apprenticeship programme. The programme allows us to play our part in addressing the skills gap that we, and many other companies throughout Northern Ireland, are currently facing.

“It is hugely important that the younger talent is given the opportunity to establish and perfect their skill set, and we feel that it is our responsibility to offer the practical experience required to help create a skilled workforce in the future. Sometimes, the practical experience can be the difference in a good and a great engineer!”

Michelle Billham from Southern Regional College spoke about Resonate Testing’s participation in the HLA programme, saying, “The HLA programme is a fantastic pathway for those starting their career to work and earn a salary whilst studying for a higher-level qualification to degree level. With companies like ResonateTesting participating, apprentices are given the best possible start to their career. We’re delighted that Tom and his team are able to participate in the programme this year and look forward to developing the partnership further in the months ahead.”

Colm Cunningham from Newry is undertaking the Higher Level Apprenticeship Mechatronics programme with Resonate Testing. He spoke about the programme saying, “Getting to complete my apprenticeship with Resonate Testing is a fantastic opportunity and one that I have no doubt will give me a great start to my career. With the apprenticeship, I can implement what I have learned at Southern Regional College into my practical work, as well as learn from the team. I’m looking forward to the years ahead.”

Abbey Brady has also commenced her apprenticeship with the Resonate Testing as she undertakes the three year Mechatronics apprenticeship at Southern Regional College. Abbie said, “The Higher Level Apprenticeship programme is a great way for me to get some practical experience whilst learning at Southern Regional College. It also means that I don’t have the high fees that are usually associated with a university degree. I’m looking forward to joining Resonate Testing and want to thank Tom and the team for the opportunity.”

Resonate Testing has always placed a firm emphasis on nurturing younger talent, putting its future in the hands of young engineers and technicians. The company recently welcomed Joel Bell from Banbridge to the team, who completed a mechanical engineering apprenticeship at Southern Regional College.

Speaking about the opportunity with Resonate Testing, Joel said, “The apprenticeship provided me with much of the knowledge required to progress in an engineering career. Now, with the opportunity to join Resonate Testing, I get to further develop that knowledge in a practical setting, and build on what I have already learned.”

Resonate Testing conducts high quality testing and certification services for a variety of sectors including aerospace, medical, space and automotive. Since the onset of the global pandemic, the company has experienced a surge in customer enquiries regarding its niche offering of live stream testing, which has been delivered to a global audience that has no access to local testing facilities.