Meet the Team: Timur Eletskiy

Meet our next team member, Timur Eletskiy, below as we continue with our 'Meet the Team' series:


Q1. Name

Timur Eletskiy

Q2. Position

Sales and Business Development

Q3. Length of time working for the company.

Five months.

Q4. What is your background?

My background is in project management, sales, business development and engineering, whilst working in different industries in different countries.

Q5. Favourite part of the job?

I enjoy the communication aspect, as well as delving into the customers’ demands, building relationships and expansion of the personal experience, working in one team with all my skilled colleagues at Resonate Testing.

Q6. What does a typical day involve?

Customers touch base on ongoing communication in regard of quotes, POs, etc. Liaising with potential customers and facilitating their communications with the Resonate team and daily routine paperwork.

Q7. What opportunities have you been given as a member of the team at Resonate Testing?

To be a part of the novel world of testing, especially in aerospace, with pure understanding that the successful activity of the whole Resonate team will be reflected in improvement of safety and be also converted into added values of our customers’ products or services.

Q8. How do you like to relax outside of work?

Spending time with the family, cooking and hiking, catching on camera the beauty of our inimitable nature.

Q9. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

Non-native English speaking, with a quite long ‘make-yourself’ multicultural route full of challenges and life highlights.