Blog: Introduction to... Drop Testing

Have you ever dropped a new piece of technology and worried that it may be broken? From small devices such as your smartphone to large items like a computer server, drop testing is a key part of product assurance to ensure products can survive the harsh conditions of mishaps in the transportation or handling process. Functionality after a drop is key in several industries from consumer goods to military support equipment.

Drop Testing consists of:

  • - Ensuring your test item is representative of the final product or a production model of the unit to be tested.
  • - Selecting an appropriate drop surface based on the items intended use environment, this can include surfaces such as plywood, concrete and even steel of various thicknesses.
  • - Selecting an appropriate height from which to drop the item. Is it commonly handheld and potentially dropped from chest height? Or stored on a shelf three metres tall in the distribution centre?
  • - Testing the unit in all applicable faces, edges and corners. The high forces caused by the drop impact can have different effects on the unit whether it landed on an edge or face. Smashed smartphone screens are a common example of a drop completely on the screen face.
  • - Fully checking the unit after testing to see if it has passed the test. Some units may have no cosmetic damage on the outside but fail to work correctly after testing, due to damaged internal components.

Drop Testing can generate important data for a wide range of products and industries. Whether you want to recreate a real world drop for developing your new prototype, or test your product for government or industry approvals, a drop test is usually a key part of any new product development.

At Resonate Testing, we have newly commissioned drop testing capability to give you confidence in your product’s durability. We can test from various heights (> 3 metres) onto various impact surfaces (plywood, concrete, steel etc.) for a wide range of test items and standards such as MIL-STD-810, ISTA, ASTM and ISO standards.

Our Vibration Testing services are unique to the island of Ireland and can provide organisations that have testing requirements, the opportunity to utilise our innovative capabilities and testing expertise with a high-quality service for all. Our services are available to customers locally in the UK and internationally.

Resonate Testing has a proven track record of testing in several industries including, but not limited to, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, medical devices, consumer goods, telecommunications and even space launcher hardware.