IMV Shaker Table

Back in October 2015 we spec’d and selected the IMV Shaker Table as our core first phase equipment for the Vibration Lab. With the order placed we almost forgot about it as the equipment was being built and then shipped from Japan. But on Monday a lorry pulled up on Carnagat Lane carrying the table, the first serious piece of Resonate Testing's test equipment.

A two person team, one from IMV (Mario Paramatti) and one from THP (Andy Webb) were in attendance to oversee the set-up and initial commissioning throughout the week and by Thursday we were ready to switch it on – and so with a deep breath, it worked!

The dawning reality is now hitting home as we rapidly move on to set-up and commissioning of the Carlin and NexGen Burners for the Fire Lab, the Flammability Chamber and the Thermatron Environmental Chamber, all of which were also delivered to site this week. It’s going to be a busy April!

Please see below for a video of our first vibration test: