Have you heard of Wally Funk? Resonate Testing is looking for our Wally!

Does the name Wally Funk resonate with you? We’re guessing if you have a social media presence, you are by now familiar with Wally, who became the oldest person to fly to outer space on Blue Origin, alongside billionaire businessman, Jeff Bezos, on 20th July.

With a lifelong interest in the aviation and space industries, Wally was a trailblazer and pioneer for women within both sectors. Due to travel to outer space with the Mercury 13 crew back in the 1960s before the trip was unfortunately cancelled, Wally’s dream finally came through thanks to a breakthrough in technological advancements and an uptake in private organisations making the journey to space.

Resonate Testing is proud to play our own part in these advancements, being somewhat a trailblazer on the Island of Ireland for conducting high quality testing and certification services across a range of sectors, from our Centre of Excellence in Newry.

We have conducted testing on a number of space related projects, including the Réaltra Space Systems Engineering launcher Video Telemetry system that will provide on board telemetry from a launch vehicle due to travel to outer space in 2022, with further projects in the pipeline.

With the popularity and demand of the space sector growing in Ireland, with commercial sales soaring from €75m in 2015 to €133m in 2020, there is huge potential for companies working across the space industry, meaning even more potential for people to have the opportunity to work in this exciting sector.

This is where Resonate Testing needs YOU!

Due to recent investment and expansion, we are currently recruiting a number of talented, passionate and hard-working people to help us on this journey.

We have a number of vacancies including engineers, business development and quality/technical roles so if you are interested in working with a company that works on projects that are quite literally, out of this world, then this is for you!

So, whether you see yourself as a Wally Funk, representing females within a relatively male dominated industry, or as a Jeff Bezos, spearheading future developments in the space sector, apply for one of our roles today and take the first step into your new career.

For more information on the available roles, visit our website here: https://www.resonatetesting.com/careers/.