Find out more about the testing we performed on the ESA - European Space Agency Lunar Pathfinder Spacecraft below!

#BIGNEWS from Resonate Testing Limited who've completed shock testing on the hardware that will be used on the ESA Lunar Pathfinder Spacecraft.

The mission will help lay foundations for providing the dedicated comms, navigation and operations services to upcoming explorations of the Moon.

The Newry-based business has been working in partnership with Dr Ben Kieniewicz from European Engineering & Consultancy Ltd (EECL) to conduct testing on the two payload modules that EECL is supplying ESA. These modules will provide the first ever SatNav position fix outside of earth's orbit.

Lunar Pathfinder is due to launch in 2025 and will offer nearside, farside, orbit and polar services to missions launching in the coming years, laying the foundations for a constellation of telecomms and navigation satellites around the Moon.

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