The UK Space Conference took place from the 21-23 November 2023 at the ICC Belfast.

Ahead of the UK Space conference, Tom Mallon, Director of Resonate Testing spoke to BBC Economic and Business Editor, John Campbell about Resonate Testing’s facilities and what they can offer the UK Space industry.

We also hear from NI SPACE cluster Manager, Robert Hill on the incredible opportunities available to companies in Northern Ireland within the wider UK Space sector.

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Newry based company to showcase its expertise in Space Industry Testing

The Newry based firm Resonate Testing, which is a mechanical and environmental test facilitator, has already made a name for itself in the sector having worked with Irish Space Systems Engineering company Realtra, on high profile projects such as the James Webb Space Telescope launch vehicle. Pictured is the Webb Separation from the Arianne in space.

LEADING commercial test house, Resonate Testing is set to showcase its space industry testing expertise at the UK Space Conference, which is being held at the ICC, Belfast from 21st to 23rd November 2023.

The Newry based firm, which is a mechanical and environmental test facilitator, has already made a name for itself in the sector having worked with Irish Space Systems Engineering company Realtra, on high profile projects such as the James Webb Space Telescope launch vehicle.

Whilst servicing all industrial sectors, the company’s work within the space sector has steadily increased in recent times with further projects planned over the next twelve months. 

The UK Space Conference is a three-day conference providing a platform for the space sector to exchange ideas, plans and partnerships that encourage development and success in the emerging space age.  Resonate Testing’s Managing Director Tom Mallon sees this as an apt opportunity for companies working in the sector, and the NI SPACE Cluster, to really put themselves on the map and showcase what they can do to a wider audience.  

He said, “The space sector, like the universe itself, is ever expanding and the local cluster has a fantastic opportunity to highlight the expertise available locally for the global market.  This is an exciting time to be working within the space sector – we have recently been involved in carrying out testing relating to the SALTO project which aims to accelerate the development of Europe’s first reusable launchers.”

Tom and his team have decades of experience that they can bring to bear to develop sophisticated bespoke test solutions for clients during the product development, validation and verification stages.  He continued; “We work in industries and sectors that demand compliance with a range of internal, customer specifications or regulatory standards and support industries that require demonstration of capability and robustness, rather than simply taking someone’s word for it.”

Although Tom has his feet firmly planted in the ground, he believes that Resonate Testing is well placed to take advantage and support the burgeoning UK Space sector.

He added, “I firmly believe this is the ‘coolest’ work that we carry out.  As a region and a company, I believe we have the talent, capacity and know-how to develop and contribute to the UK Space sector and sector further afield.”

Knowing the value of his team and what they bring to any project he concluded, “We have a true mix of the talents and a desire and capability to provide first class service to industry standards.  We don’t just think outside the box, we usually redesign it first.”

Robert Hill of NI SPACE is equally determined to take advantage of the opportunities that the space sector has to offer the NI Space cluster. He said, “This really is a key moment for businesses involved in the sector.  For the first time the spotlight will be on local companies, like Resonate Testing, and we must ensure that the message that the NI SPACE cluster is capable and ready to help develop the sector locally, nationally and internationally is loud and clear and heard by the UK Space Conference audience.”

The UK Space Conference is a significant biennial event for the UK Space sector.  The event unites the UK and international space communities, such as government, industry and academia and the Belfast conference will showcase the latest innovations, inspiring stories, and important advancements in Northern Ireland.

Resonate Testing has been providing high quality testing and certification services to companies globally since 2015 and has been able to utilise its expertise in the aviation industry to provide its services to the emerging space sector hub in Northern Ireland and further afield. 

Newry based SME, Resonate Testing, is showcasing its testing capabilities within the space sector to a global audience, thanks to its work on some of the most high-profile projects the sector has seen in recent times, including the launch vehicle for the James Webb Space Telescope

WITH the spotlight firmly shining on Northern Ireland ahead of the UK Space Conference in November, and the recent UK Space Strategy’s explicit understanding of the need to “grow and level up our space economy”, it is an exciting time for many companies working within the growing industry. 

One Newry based SME, Resonate Testing, is showcasing its testing capabilities within the space sector to a global audience, thanks to its work on some of the most high-profile projects the sector has seen in recent times, including the launch vehicle for the James Webb Space Telescope, Ariane 6 and Vega-C, as well as the upcoming European Space Agency (ESA) Lunar Pathfinder Spacecraft launch. 

The company has also become the latest member of the UKspace Trade Association, which is the official trade association of the UK Space Industry. The group represents and promotes space to government and other key stakeholders, both nationally and internationally, and maximises collaboration and investment opportunities for companies working within the sector. 

As a member, Resonate Testing will have the opportunity to network with influential people and companies within the vibrant industry, as well as seeking out business development opportunities, learn, influence markets and stakeholders, and keep up to date with current, related developments with the sector. 

Managing Director of Resonate Testing, Tom Mallon, spoke about the company’s affiliation with UKspace, saying: “In recent years, our work within the space sector has accelerated thanks to our ability to offer bespoke testing services that replicate the complex environment of space. We see ourselves as not just a test facility, but as a test facilitator – we will do whatever our customers need to ensure a rigorous and thorough testing process”. 

“We are always looking for ways that we can enhance our offering to our customers, and by becoming a member of the space associations and groups such as the Catapult Centre at Harwell, including our most recent membership of UKspace Trade Association, we will achieve this. It also enables us to continue to grow our support to the sector and deliver expertise to the companies that need it. We look forward to the opportunities that will arise from our membership with the UKspace Trade Association.”

The demand for services within the UK Space sector has grown exponentially in recent years, with figures revealed by the UK Space Agency showing that the sector generated £17.5bn in 2021, up £1bn from £16.5bn the previous year. 

The opportunities for SMEs in both upstream (hardware) and downstream services (application of data derived from space) are increasing rapidly and with Belfast hosting this year’s UK Space Conference, taking place at the ICC Belfast from 21st to 23rdNovember, Northern Ireland companies will have the ability to showcase their expertise to an expected 3000 people, including astronauts, global space agencies and the wider space community. Resonate Testing will be exhibiting on stand B6 at the conference. 

Part of The Nacelle Group, Resonate Testing is one of the leading commercial test houses for high quality testing and certification services across all industrials sectors on the island of Ireland, with testing services including space, battery abuse testing, fire, environmental, vibration, shock, packaging and ingress protection. 

With the new and ever-improving technology that is prevalent across many areas of our lives, chances are that a large proportion of the devices that we use are battery powered. Whether it is our mobile phones, watches, laptops, battery power tools and even our bikes and cars, people are opting for convenience through the likes of battery-powered portable chargers. They are opting for more sustainable technologies and as a result, the batteries contained within these devices have undergone a rapid transformation in recent years and innovation in the sector has accelerated.

In particular, there has been a focus on the lithium-ion batteries that are used in rechargeable devices, and according to the International Energy Agency, automotive lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery demand increased by about 65% in 2022.

In response to the increase in demand, the guidelines surrounding the safety of Li-Ion batteries has become a key concern in the industry. This is in part due to their categorisation as a ‘Class 9 Dangerous Good’ as a result of potential fire hazards when in use. There has been an uptick in reports of such cases, particularly in North America, in which e-bikes and electric scooters have caught fire during everyday use. With incorrect usage and/or transportation being blamed for these cases, the need for robust battery testing measures of products prior to launch to ensure they are fit for purpose, has never been more important.

And this is where the team at Resonate Testing come in.

With extensive experience in rigorous testing across a wide range of sectors, Resonate Testing is fully committed to supporting its global client base, and has the technical knowledge, market-leading facilities, and equipment to do so. Its capabilities for testing currently include:

In recent years, the company has experienced a surge in demand of battery testing including battery abuse, safety, performance, fire and flammability and validation testing – all on a range of different battery chemistries. As a result, it has recently invested in building additional capacity solely dedicated to battery testing.

With a fully equipped, specialised fire testing facility, testing of various battery and battery packaging, according to fire testing requirements, can be accommodated. 

Resonate Testing also pays close attention to the relevant UN legislation that is now in place to govern the handling and shipping of these Li-Ion batteries and can carry out a range of electrical and mechanical tests that are laid out within UN 38.3 for the transportation of dangerous goods. 

And as the industry continues to change, there are many standards developed for each industry with similarities, but also with subtle differences. Thanks to its extensive technical knowledge, Resonate Testing can help in determining the appropriate direction and the most applicable test cascade. 

Resonate Testing’s Battery Assurance Team (BAT) is on a continuous improvement path to demonstrate that it provides up-to-date expertise to its clients.  Most recently taking part in the Battery Abuse Testing training at University of Warwick’s Energy Innovation Centre. During the extensive course, the team gained hands on experience of battery abuse testing in a EUCAR level 7 test chamber, and covered topics that are at the cutting-edge of battery testing, including understanding different approaches to battery abuse testing, the hazards created during battery failure events and how to manage these hazards.

So, whether you’re within the ebike, escooter, electric vehicles, portable electronic equipment or energy storage sectors to name but a few, when you choose Resonate Testing as your testing partner, you can be assured that you are receiving the highest standards in testing services.

For more information on Resonate Testing’s battery testing, click here:, or to speak to the team about your next project, call +44(0)2890 736 390 or email   

Newry-based testing house, Resonate Testing has successfully been reaccredited for the  United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) internationally recognised test house standard, ISO 17025. The company, which has been in operation since 2015, is committed to high quality testing, possessing a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge in vibration, environmental, fire and flammability testing. 

Resonate Testing works across a range of industries where compliance demonstration, high-quality testing and certification services are essential, including the space, aerospace,  automotive, and research and development (R&D) sectors. 

The ISO 17025 standard plays an important role in supporting the provision of accurate and reliable results for laboratory testing, calibration, sampling, and measurement services. Resonate Testing’s latest reaccreditation to the standard reconfirms its commitment to quality and compliance to its worldwide customer base.

Ian Stewart, Quality Manager at Resonate Testing oversaw the audit and said, “Being awarded the ISO 17025 accreditation is a fantastic achievement for our team and a significant endorsement of the quality of our service, people and our facilities. We are continually looking for ways to enhance our offering to clients, and this accreditation reinforces that we are able to offer the highest possible service. A big thank you to all the team for their support throughout this process.”

Earlier this year, Resonate Testing was also awarded a flexible scope of accreditation by UKAS for its dynamic and climatic testing, in recognition of the successful practical application of their engineering knowledge and experience. With the receipt of this flexible scope of accreditation, the company will continue to go beyond the traditional standards of accredited testing as they build upon the capabilities of its people, facilities, and high-quality services.

Commenting on the company’s recent success, Managing Director of Resonate Testing, Tom Mallon said: “We are delighted to have received another successful surveillance assessment from UKAS, which is a welcome acknowledgment of our world-class testing capabilities. We look forward to building upon this success andincreasing the scope of our ISO 17025 accredited testing in the near future.” 

To find out more about Resonate Testing’s accreditations, contact us on +44(0)28 9073 6390 or email

Resonate Testing recently exhibited at the 2023 Space-Comms Expo at Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre where we showcased a selection of our work in the space sector supply chain to date.

Over the two-day event, we had the opportunity to demonstrate our sophisticated testing capabilities to key industry associations and influential bodies.

The Space-Comms exhibition is the UK’s largest space event and showcases the manufacturing supply chain for products, services and solutions supplying commercial enterprises and developments in space.

By attending this year, Resonate Testing was able to connect with many leading figures within the space industry including the CEO of ADS Group Ltd, Kevin Craven; UK Space champion, David Morris MP; and Harwell Space Cluster Development Manager, Gemma Wilson. During these meetings, we had the chance to discuss how we can work together to ensure the continued growth of the UK’s space sector.

In addition to exhibiting, our managing director, Tom Mallon was invited to speak at a roundtable discussion on the topic of, “Ensuring prosperity from across all nations of the United Kingdom from the space industry.”

At the roundtable, Tom was joined by the UK Space Agency’s CEO, Dr Paul Bate and Rebecca Evernden, Director of Space at the Department for Science Innovation and Technology (DSIT). 

During this insightful discussion, Tom was proud to represent Northern Ireland’s thriving space sector, as important ideas and solutions were shared on how to ensure the continued success of the UK’s space industry, as it makes a name for itself in the global marketplace. 

Currently the UK contributes 6.5% to the global space market with ambitions to grow this to 10% by 2030. The Space-Comms Expo gave Resonate Testing’s team the platform to showcase how it can best service the industry, including with our own bespoke shock and pyroshock testing facility that can recreate the complex shocks that are experienced in the most extreme environments. With a wide range of impact devices and shock transfer media, we are confident we can find a solution for even the most complex shock spectra.

Resonate Testing provides a consultancy service to assist companies in shortening their development cycles and provide important shock test support at every step of the development cycle from prototype tests to full space qualification test campaigns.

To find out more contact us on +44(0)28 9073 6390 or email

Job Title: Quality/ Technical Administrator

Start date: Aug - Sept 2021

Reporting To: The Nacelle Group General Manager

Salary: £23,000 - £30,000 (pa - 38 hours per week –flexible role)

Job Purpose:  Resonate Testing is one of the leading commercial test houses on the Island of Ireland, providing high quality testing and certification services to organisations across all industrial sectors, demonstrating compliance with international performance standards, whilst also testing the safety and reliability of customer products. Part of The Nacelle Group, Resonate Testing has specialist knowledge in vibration and shock, fire and flammability, and environmental and climatic testing in industries including aerospace, medical devices, space, aerospace and automotive.

Following our recent investment and continued growth of the company, we are inviting applications for a Quality/ Technical Administrator to join our multi-talented team, based at our Centre of Excellence in Newry.

We are looking for an individual capable of working flexibly to meet the changing demands of a busy laboratory. The role focused on supporting the business administration and managing the quality management system relating to all test house activities, staff and systems to enable the effective delivery of tests. You will need to have good 'attention to detail’ and be capable of maintaining a disciplined and consistent approach to all activities, a good communicator and team player.


Applicants must have all appropriate permits and visas to work in the UK and European Union.

The successful candidate will be asked to complete an AccessNI check and medical.

Key Responsibilities:

Analyse data on the effectiveness of the QMS and evaluate where continual improvements of the QMS can be made. This shall include data generated as a result of monitoring and measurement and from other relevant sources.



Job Title:                  Quality/ Technical Administrator 

Criteria Essential / Desirable
Qualifications/ Attainments Essential Requirement

·      HNC or higher in Quality and Business Administration

Desirable Requirement

·      Trained auditor for an ISO based quality management system

Relevant Knowledge and Experience Essential Requirement

·      2 years’ experience in a relevant quality related field

·      Experience in dealing with quality system documentation

Desirable Requirement

·      Experience in dealing with ISO17025 quality management system

Skills and Competencies Essential Requirements

·       The capability to write clear and concise documentation.

·       Able to learn and assimilate new information and maintain confidentiality

·       Good level of written and numerical / data handling skills and multi- tasking

·       Excellent interpersonal skills Excellent communication and interpersonal skills including ability to build relationships

·       Extensive Experience with MS office tools (Outlook/Excel/Word/PowerPoint)

Circumstances Essential Requirements

·      Able to work flexibly as required to ensure business needs are met

·      Willingness to undergo any further training to meet the needs of the company.

·      Based in Resonate Testing Premises Newry

Desirable Requirements

·      Driving licence and use of own car.

Resonate Testing, as part of its parent company Nacelle Systems Consultancy, is pleased to announce that it has recently been awarded a new Cyber Essentials certificate by The IASME Consortium Ltd. 

The Cyber Essentials certificate is a UK government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.

The latest UK Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey found that in the last 12 months, 39% of UK businesses identified a cyber-attack.  However, the survey also found that enhanced cyber security leads to higher identification of attacks.

Of the organisations reporting cyber-attacks, 31% of businesses and 26% of charities estimate they were attacked at least once a week.

As Resonate Testing relies heavily on an online presence for connecting with new and existing customers and generating orders, it was of great importance that the company completed and met all the requirements needed for this certificate. This will ensure maximum protection against cyber attacks and demonstrates its commitment to cyber security to assure all of its customers and suppliers.

In addition, the new certificate is required by all suppliers bidding for contracts within UK Government to ensure the handling of certain sensitive and personal information is protected. Having obtained this certificate, Resonate Testing will now have the opportunity to bid for tenders. 

Managing Director of Resonate Testing, Tom Mallon spoke about the company’s recent accreditation, saying, “Now, more so than ever, it’s so important for companies to have maximum protection against cyber threats. Given the nature of our work here at Resonate Testing and because a large part of our work involves online interactions with global customers, we needed to ensure that our processes were fully protected. We’re delighted to receive the Cyber Essentials certificate, that will reaffirm our commitment to continued protection. A big thank you to George Bartholomew from Helios IT and our Chief Technician Peter Mein for their assistance in securing this award.” 

The Cyber Essentials scheme is a set of five basic technical controls that organisations should have in place to protect themselves against common online security threats.  The scheme was launched with the backing from industry including the Federation of Small Businesses, the CBI and a number of insurance organisations.

Resonate Testing had to demonstrate how it met the five basic requirements of providing adequate:

A qualified assessor verified the information and evidence provided for each cyber security aspect as required. By obtaining the Cyber Essentials certificate, Resonate Testing is well placed to have the required protection against a wide variety of the most common cyber-attacks. 

So far over 120,000 certificates have been awarded to businesses, charities, educational institutions and other organisations.

To find out more visit

LEADING testing company, Resonate Testing has become the first Northern Ireland company to join the globally renowned Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire taking a desk at the Satellite Applications Catapult.

The Harwell Space Cluster is renowned for being the gateway to the UK Space sector and is home to some of the leading organisations in space including the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency. First developed in 2010, the hub has grown exponentially since then and is now home to a community of 100 space organisations.

Newry based Resonate Testing, which provides high quality and bespoke testing services for a wide range of sectors, has experienced an increasing demand for services within the space sector in the last three years. Notable projects for the company include shock testing on equipment used for the ESA Lunar Pathfinder Spacecraft and James Webb Telescope missions. 

As a member of the Harwell Space Cluster, Resonate Testing has access to world-class, large-scale facilities, and will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the development of new technology and services, which will help to further the company’s growth. It will also be at the fore of providing bespoke testing services to the space industry both in the UK and further afield. 

Tom Mallon, Managing Director at Resonate Testing said; “With our increasing work in the space sector, the obvious next move was for us to join the Harwell Space Cluster, and gain access to the world-leading organisations and facilities at the Space Catapult centre in Harwell. We have always been an innovative company, and now we will have the opportunity to embrace and further develop our processes, by networking and having exposure to organisations such as the UK Space Agency, the European Space Agency and the Satellite Applications Catapult. 

“As a company, we are committed to developing our testing capabilities for the space sector. Our team of focussed engineers has spent considerable time and effort in developing and providing the best testing procedures and certifications, and we’re proud of what we can offer to our customers. To have access to over 100 organisations involved in the space sector is a game changer for us as we continue to develop our testing offerings in this area.”

Gemma Wilson, Harwell Space Cluster Manager, UKRI-STFC said, “We are very excited to have Tom and his team from Resonate Testing join the Harwell Space Cluster. Their facilities in Northern Ireland are even easier to access with the company now having a presence on the campus, and we look forward to exploring new opportunities and identifying collaboration with SMEs both at Harwell and our wider network.”  

Figures recently released in the latest ‘Size and Health survey of the UK Space Industry’ report show the number of space organisations identified across the UK rose from 1,293 to 1,590, creating 1,772 jobs. The sector now employs just under 48,800 people and supports an estimated 126,800 UK jobs across the wider supply chain.

Tom Mallon continued, “As an SME, there is a lot of potential for us to develop our work within the space sector. The recent Size and Health survey figures also note that despite the global disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, space organisations presented a robust picture, generating £17.5 billion in 2021, compared to £16.5 billion the previous year. The space sector is experiencing continued growth and with our ability to offer bespoke solutions for the industry, there is potential for major expansion and growth in this area.”

The amount the UK space sector brings to the economy has grown by £1 billion, helping launch new businesses and create jobs across the country, according to the figures released in the UK Space Industry report. Resonate Testing is well placed as the first Northern Ireland company to become part of the Harwell cluster and to grow this side of its business.

Newry based testing company upgrades facilities to accommodate new testing processes

Leading testing company, Resonate Testing has expanded its extensive offering to clients by investing in and commissioning a new test capability at its Newry base.

The company recently upgraded its facilities to cater for high flow and high temperature aircraft engine oil and fuel component testing, following a request from one of its global clients. The high flow and high temperature test processes, designed and built by the team at Resonate Testing, replicate sophisticated real-life engine conditions for new modern aircraft.

Resonate Testing’s new test capability, with the ability to heat and pressurise low flow volume, will be used during the fire testing of aircraft propulsion systems.  

Fuel system testing is becoming more critical to the reliability, endurance and safety of aircraft, and due to the complicated nature of fuel systems, testing must be performed in-situ with comprehensive test protocols that simulate all of the internal and external forces acting on the system.

The testing allows new product innovation in support of lighter weight, higher performance components which must be assessed prior to entry into service.

Michael Hudson, Resonate Testing Chief Engineer said, “The new test capability is a great demonstration of our willingness to step up and solve customer problems. It is a further reaffirmation that the Resonate Testing team retains great capability to design, build and install innovative solutions that allow aircraft fuel and oil circuits to be concurrently tested.”

Managing Director, Tom Mallon, added, “We are constantly reviewing and anticipating the test capability that customers are developing to ensure aircrafts and all their components remain durable, reliable, and abide by all industry regulations and guidelines. Part of our USP is our ability to create bespoke testing when required, and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer customers testing services that others cannot.”

Whilst the company primarily upgraded its facilities to ensure it can conduct this particularly difficult test for one of its large global aerospace clients, the testing can be applied to many different sectors.  

Renowned for its high-quality testing services and expertise, Resonate Testing works across a range of sectors including the space industry, automotive, medical technology, humanitarian aid, electrical and mechanical, and research and development.

The company is currently in the early stages of planning subsequent upgrades to its facility later this year, which will further extend its testing and certification capabilities and allow it to continue offering additional high-quality testing and certification services across all industrial sectors.

Resonate Testing has recently been involved in projects including the James Webb Space Telescope and ESA’s Lunar Pathfinder spacecraft. The company has a customer base that ranges geographically from Europe, USA and Brazil, to Canada and Japan, as well as across the Island of Ireland and the UK.