Resonate Testing, as part of its parent company Nacelle Systems Consultancy, is pleased to announce that it has recently been awarded a new Cyber Essentials certificate by The IASME Consortium Ltd. 

The Cyber Essentials certificate is a UK government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.

The latest UK Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey found that in the last 12 months, 39% of UK businesses identified a cyber-attack.  However, the survey also found that enhanced cyber security leads to higher identification of attacks.

Of the organisations reporting cyber-attacks, 31% of businesses and 26% of charities estimate they were attacked at least once a week.

As Resonate Testing relies heavily on an online presence for connecting with new and existing customers and generating orders, it was of great importance that the company completed and met all the requirements needed for this certificate. This will ensure maximum protection against cyber attacks and demonstrates its commitment to cyber security to assure all of its customers and suppliers.

In addition, the new certificate is required by all suppliers bidding for contracts within UK Government to ensure the handling of certain sensitive and personal information is protected. Having obtained this certificate, Resonate Testing will now have the opportunity to bid for tenders. 

Managing Director of Resonate Testing, Tom Mallon spoke about the company’s recent accreditation, saying, “Now, more so than ever, it’s so important for companies to have maximum protection against cyber threats. Given the nature of our work here at Resonate Testing and because a large part of our work involves online interactions with global customers, we needed to ensure that our processes were fully protected. We’re delighted to receive the Cyber Essentials certificate, that will reaffirm our commitment to continued protection. A big thank you to George Bartholomew from Helios IT and our Chief Technician Peter Mein for their assistance in securing this award.” 

The Cyber Essentials scheme is a set of five basic technical controls that organisations should have in place to protect themselves against common online security threats.  The scheme was launched with the backing from industry including the Federation of Small Businesses, the CBI and a number of insurance organisations.

Resonate Testing had to demonstrate how it met the five basic requirements of providing adequate:

A qualified assessor verified the information and evidence provided for each cyber security aspect as required. By obtaining the Cyber Essentials certificate, Resonate Testing is well placed to have the required protection against a wide variety of the most common cyber-attacks. 

So far over 120,000 certificates have been awarded to businesses, charities, educational institutions and other organisations.

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LEADING testing company, Resonate Testing has become the first Northern Ireland company to join the globally renowned Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire taking a desk at the Satellite Applications Catapult.

The Harwell Space Cluster is renowned for being the gateway to the UK Space sector and is home to some of the leading organisations in space including the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency. First developed in 2010, the hub has grown exponentially since then and is now home to a community of 100 space organisations.

Newry based Resonate Testing, which provides high quality and bespoke testing services for a wide range of sectors, has experienced an increasing demand for services within the space sector in the last three years. Notable projects for the company include shock testing on equipment used for the ESA Lunar Pathfinder Spacecraft and James Webb Telescope missions. 

As a member of the Harwell Space Cluster, Resonate Testing has access to world-class, large-scale facilities, and will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the development of new technology and services, which will help to further the company’s growth. It will also be at the fore of providing bespoke testing services to the space industry both in the UK and further afield. 

Tom Mallon, Managing Director at Resonate Testing said; “With our increasing work in the space sector, the obvious next move was for us to join the Harwell Space Cluster, and gain access to the world-leading organisations and facilities at the Space Catapult centre in Harwell. We have always been an innovative company, and now we will have the opportunity to embrace and further develop our processes, by networking and having exposure to organisations such as the UK Space Agency, the European Space Agency and the Satellite Applications Catapult. 

“As a company, we are committed to developing our testing capabilities for the space sector. Our team of focussed engineers has spent considerable time and effort in developing and providing the best testing procedures and certifications, and we’re proud of what we can offer to our customers. To have access to over 100 organisations involved in the space sector is a game changer for us as we continue to develop our testing offerings in this area.”

Gemma Wilson, Harwell Space Cluster Manager, UKRI-STFC said, “We are very excited to have Tom and his team from Resonate Testing join the Harwell Space Cluster. Their facilities in Northern Ireland are even easier to access with the company now having a presence on the campus, and we look forward to exploring new opportunities and identifying collaboration with SMEs both at Harwell and our wider network.”  

Figures recently released in the latest ‘Size and Health survey of the UK Space Industry’ report show the number of space organisations identified across the UK rose from 1,293 to 1,590, creating 1,772 jobs. The sector now employs just under 48,800 people and supports an estimated 126,800 UK jobs across the wider supply chain.

Tom Mallon continued, “As an SME, there is a lot of potential for us to develop our work within the space sector. The recent Size and Health survey figures also note that despite the global disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, space organisations presented a robust picture, generating £17.5 billion in 2021, compared to £16.5 billion the previous year. The space sector is experiencing continued growth and with our ability to offer bespoke solutions for the industry, there is potential for major expansion and growth in this area.”

The amount the UK space sector brings to the economy has grown by £1 billion, helping launch new businesses and create jobs across the country, according to the figures released in the UK Space Industry report. Resonate Testing is well placed as the first Northern Ireland company to become part of the Harwell cluster and to grow this side of its business.

Newry based testing company upgrades facilities to accommodate new testing processes

Leading testing company, Resonate Testing has expanded its extensive offering to clients by investing in and commissioning a new test capability at its Newry base.

The company recently upgraded its facilities to cater for high flow and high temperature aircraft engine oil and fuel component testing, following a request from one of its global clients. The high flow and high temperature test processes, designed and built by the team at Resonate Testing, replicate sophisticated real-life engine conditions for new modern aircraft.

Resonate Testing’s new test capability, with the ability to heat and pressurise low flow volume, will be used during the fire testing of aircraft propulsion systems.  

Fuel system testing is becoming more critical to the reliability, endurance and safety of aircraft, and due to the complicated nature of fuel systems, testing must be performed in-situ with comprehensive test protocols that simulate all of the internal and external forces acting on the system.

The testing allows new product innovation in support of lighter weight, higher performance components which must be assessed prior to entry into service.

Michael Hudson, Resonate Testing Chief Engineer said, “The new test capability is a great demonstration of our willingness to step up and solve customer problems. It is a further reaffirmation that the Resonate Testing team retains great capability to design, build and install innovative solutions that allow aircraft fuel and oil circuits to be concurrently tested.”

Managing Director, Tom Mallon, added, “We are constantly reviewing and anticipating the test capability that customers are developing to ensure aircrafts and all their components remain durable, reliable, and abide by all industry regulations and guidelines. Part of our USP is our ability to create bespoke testing when required, and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer customers testing services that others cannot.”

Whilst the company primarily upgraded its facilities to ensure it can conduct this particularly difficult test for one of its large global aerospace clients, the testing can be applied to many different sectors.  

Renowned for its high-quality testing services and expertise, Resonate Testing works across a range of sectors including the space industry, automotive, medical technology, humanitarian aid, electrical and mechanical, and research and development.

The company is currently in the early stages of planning subsequent upgrades to its facility later this year, which will further extend its testing and certification capabilities and allow it to continue offering additional high-quality testing and certification services across all industrial sectors.

Resonate Testing has recently been involved in projects including the James Webb Space Telescope and ESA’s Lunar Pathfinder spacecraft. The company has a customer base that ranges geographically from Europe, USA and Brazil, to Canada and Japan, as well as across the Island of Ireland and the UK. 

Newry based testing company approached by Irish Training Network

LEADING testing company, Resonate Testing has partnered with Irish Government funded training network, Space Industry Skillnet, to deliver specialised training on testing processes for companies working within the space industry in Ireland. 

Renowned for its high-quality testing services and expertise, Newry-based Resonate Testing was approached by Space Industry Skillnet to create and deliver a bespoke training course on vibration and shock testing, which are hugely important aspects of testing within the space industry, amongst others.

While focused on the space industry, the training is equally suited to a wide range of industries. The goal of the upskilling opportunity is for engineers, project and program leads to understand vibration and shock testing as part of a product development life cycle.  Product testing assists in the development phase, or in demonstration of customer or regulatory performance requirements.  

The training is targeted at best practice which demonstrates reliability, performance validation or verification of specification compliance. Benefits span across those creating or reviewing test specification, to companies with in-house shaker systems that want to give their test engineers a grounding in the fundamentals of how their systems work. 

The first in a series of training sessions took place at Resonate Testing’s facility, where six different companies from across Ireland availed of the service, thanks to the support offered by Space Industry Skillnet. The goal is that subsequent training events will include companies from across the Island and further afield.

During the two-day training course, participants gained a fundamental understanding of vibration and shock testing, and how real-world exposure is replicated on a shaker table. Furthermore, data acquisition systems can provide an unparalleled insight into the responses for the test unit when exposed to the vibration and shock environments. In turn, this data is frequently used in conjunction with finite element analysis of the components to support optimisation during the development phase, or supporting fault finding or problem solving should issues be observed. 

As the course developed, attendees were introduced to the various types of test systems available, which can be tailored to best suit different applications, and given an introduction to advanced testing methods for more complex testing approaches. Attendees then undertook hands-on consolidation of the course content, setting up and running full scale testing in Resonate Testing’s state-of-the-art vibration lab. 

Space Industry Skillnet is an enterprise-led training network for Irish companies that are, or that want to be, involved in the delivery of technology and services to the global space market, including the European Space Agency. 

Network Manager, Catherine Lenehan, said, “We wanted to offer a course that would help companies become more aware of the different types of testing and requirements for more efficient vibration tests, thus helping them to save money. Due to Resonate Testing’s experience in testing equipment for Space applications and knowledge of the industry, in collaboration with our network members, we selected the company as our training provider. 

“This has been a very positive experience for us to date, and participants have been extremely impressed with the training content and delivery from Resonate’s team, in addition to the facilities at their testing centre. We look forward to seeing how the course develops and the subsequent benefits.”

Conor Barry, Test Engineer at Resonate Testing is overseeing the training course. Speaking about the partnership, Conor said, “When Space Industry Skillnet approached us about providing a training course on vibration and shock testing at the end of 2021, we were delighted to participate. Not only is this a fantastic opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise in shock and vibration testing, but it has the potential to ensure quicker turnaround times in the future, for tests from our customers that have attended the course. 

“This will provide a more efficient service and feed into the initial goal from Space Industry Skillnet of helping customers to save money. It has been a real team effort from Resonate Testing, but also a great opportunity for us to work alongside the training network.”

The course was developed by Resonate Testing for Space Industry Skillnet and funded by Skillnet Ireland through the Irish Government Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, with contribution from the network members of Space Industry Skillnet.

Tom Mallon, Resonate Testing Managing Director, supports the training and upskilling and said, “We look forward to strengthening our links with Space Industry Skillnet, and taking advantage of our strategic location by offering the training to UK, NI and Irish based companies. Witnessing the benefits for participants, we call upon Northern Ireland’s regional development and investment bodies to follow a similar approach and actively support the upskilling of the workforce to enable the region to compete on the global stage.”

Resonate Testing’s recent projects in the Space Industry include the James Webb Space Telescope and ESA’s Lunar Pathfinder spacecraft.

NEWRY-based Resonate Testing will be representing the region at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 10th Triennial Fire and Cabin Safety Research Conference in New Jersey, USA this week as the company has secured an opportunity to present its research findings during the three-day event.

Following recent work with the FAA Tech Centre in Atlantic City that saw Resonate Testing assist with the design and introduction of ‘The Sonic Burner’, a kerosene burner for fire testing, the company has secured two presentation slots at the prestigious event.

The Triennial conference takes place every three years and is one of the leading conferences globally to inform the international aviation community about recent, ongoing and planned research activities in transport category airplane fire and cabin safety.

Olivia McAvoy, Graduate Engineer at Resonate Testing, will be presenting the company’s research and development findings in hazard minimisation in aircraft. The company replicated aircraft conditions and what would happen to structures, which inadvertently suffered from small gaps and holes, in the event of a fire. The work directly challenges assumptions and is aimed at the continuous development and application of ever-improving best practice during aircraft design and development. 

Additionally, Resonate Testing is the only UK or European fire test laboratory working to support the introduction of a new globally standardised and accepted kerosene burner, and will be presenting a comparison on two different types of burners, the Carlin and Sonic, during the conference.

Speaking about the opportunity, Olivia said, “Hazard minimisation in aircraft is hugely important and when we realised that there was no current data available, we knew that this was an area that needed to be explored. Resonate Testing is an innovative organisation, and we have no doubt that this is just the beginning of much more investigations in this area. I’m looking forward to presenting our findings at the conference and learning from those in attendance to see how we can further develop our R&D.”

Managing Director at Resonate Testing, Tom Mallon, added, “It’s important that our team understands the importance of supporting the wider aerospace community, whilst also using R&D to sharpen our knowledge and experience to ensure we meet our customers’ needs. The R&D that has been conducted to date will support future discussions on hazard minimisation on aircraft, that will hopefully be continued following the conference. We’re proud to be championing this research.”

Resonate Testing has extensive experience providing high quality testing and certification services to global customers across all industrial sectors.

At the Medical Technology Ireland Show 2022 at Galway Racecourse

With our Flaming Box and Rolling Road, we showcased the Resonate Testing capabilities to the attendees of the show.

Stand 134 at the show attracted a lot of attention from attendees who wanted to know all about our testing services and bespoke capabilities (and how the flaming box worked !!!).

Our Rolling Road featured all the courier and transportation companies that operate in the UK & Ireland as well as worldwide to showcase our ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) certification as a packaging test lab.

We are looking forward to attending the show again in 2023 (20th & 21st September 2023, Galway Racecourse) #ResonateTesting #Testing #TestingIreland #MedicalTesting #MedicalTechnologyIreland2022 #MedicalTechnologyIrelandExpo #Galway

Resonate test delighted to be given the opportunity to present at the FAA Tenth Triennial International Aircraft Fire and Cabin Safety Research Conference held in Resorts Hotel-Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA from October 17-20, 2022

Olivia McAvoy will be presenting company R&D efforts regarding

· An Extended Study into the Comparison of the Carlin and Sonic Burner

· A Study into Flame Ingression and Flame Arrestor Testing

On a profession level the conference offers Resonate the ability to participate in Peer discussion on developing best practise and trends in the industry.

On a personal level the conference offers the opportunity to meet with old friends with the regulator’s and industry communities.

We look forward to a busy week!

Our team attended the Newry Chamber Employee and Team awards on Thursday night at the Canal Court Hotel & Spa, where we were nominated in two categories;

We were delighted that Olivia was awarded Manufacturing and Engineering Employee on the night, and our team was Highly Commended in the Manufacturing and Engineering Team of the Year.

These both are great achievements for the company and we are extremely proud to be recognised amongst many of the fantastic businesses within the Newry Chamber area.

A big congratulations to Olivia and our entire team, and to all the winners on the night!

Check out some images from the awards below. #ResonateTesting #TestingIreland #NewryChamberAwards2022 #Newry #NewryChamber #Manfacturing #Engineering #Awards

#BIGNEWS from Resonate Testing Limited who've completed shock testing on the hardware that will be used on the ESA Lunar Pathfinder Spacecraft.

The mission will help lay foundations for providing the dedicated comms, navigation and operations services to upcoming explorations of the Moon.

The Newry-based business has been working in partnership with Dr Ben Kieniewicz from European Engineering & Consultancy Ltd (EECL) to conduct testing on the two payload modules that EECL is supplying ESA. These modules will provide the first ever SatNav position fix outside of earth's orbit.

Lunar Pathfinder is due to launch in 2025 and will offer nearside, farside, orbit and polar services to missions launching in the coming years, laying the foundations for a constellation of telecomms and navigation satellites around the Moon.

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Space is not just something other nations do – it is something that we do in Northern Ireland and do very well, that’s according to Robert Hill, Director of the Northern Ireland Space Office, when speaking to the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), David Morris MP, during a visit by him to Northern Ireland last week.

The APPG’s job is to raise awareness in Parliament of the importance and opportunities of space-based capabilities to the UK economy, policy making, society and the space community, as well as highlight and promote the benefits from the UK's investment in space and its leading role within the global space economy.

During his visit, Mr David Morris MP, visited both Newry test facilitator, Resonate Testing and award-winning software company, Skytek in Belfast. Tom Mallon, managing director of Resonate Testing was quick to point out that “there is much potential and opportunity within the Northern Irish Space Industry Cluster, whether it’s in upstream or downstream products or services, however we must not be left behind the other nations.”

“I believe there is an excellent prospect to create a commercially viable incubator and realise a commercially successful space industry within Northern Ireland but what is needed is practical and financial support.”

Robert Hill, who is also the Chair of the Northern Ireland Space Leadership Council and the Northern Ireland Space Special Interest Group (NISSIG), hosted by ADS, said, “It was a pleasure to meet Mr Morris MP and discuss the many exciting opportunities for the sector in Northern Ireland. There are many emerging opportunities to upscale Northern Ireland, and I want to do everything in my power to develop the region as a globally recognised place for the space sector, its innovation and creativity, and with companies like Resonate Testing and Skytek, we are doing just that.

He continued; “It is essential, however, for Northern Ireland to be part of the UK Space Strategy and provide proactive input, rather than reacting to a strategy already in place. Access to space has never been better as launch costs get less expensive, the private sector grows and the proliferation of lower cost satellite constellations and mega constellations.

“The next ten years will see an exponential growth in commercial space activities and Northern Ireland has these capabilities to support this global development. Data Analytics and Cyber will be key drivers for the space sector in the next decade with increasing demand for satellites as a service.”

Mr David Morris MP, APPG Chair, said; “It was wonderful to visit Northern Ireland and chat with both Tom [Mallon] and Rita [Malosti] about the ongoing work of Resonate Testing and Skytek. It was very insightful, and I believe that Northern Ireland given its microscopic nature, would be a great test bed for the sector.

“The UK Government is committed to supporting Northern Ireland, and businesses like Resonate Testing and Skytek show the importance of Northern Ireland to the UK, as well as showcasing the world-class talent and expertise that exists.”

Rita Malosti, Head of Space Activities, Skytek, said, “I was delighted to brief David Morris MP on the activities of Skytek. We’ve been operating for over 20 years and as a software development company, specialising in the space sector, we’ve many key partners. With a highly skilled and innovative team we’ve a proven track record and we are now looking to invest further in R&D for an Earth Observation centre, alongside our many products.”

Invest Northern Ireland also contributed to the visit and gave Mr Morris MP an overview of the space sector in Northern Ireland. This included showcasing the local companies and universities that are involved in global space programmes through innovation on the ground and in orbit; next generation lunar missions and deep space missions; and the aspiration to double Northern Ireland’s space sector by 2030.

Dr Leslie Orr, ADS(NI) added; “Northern Ireland has a growing space sector with great capabilities in both downstream and upstream. I must thank Mr Morris MP for visiting Resonate Testing and Skytek to gain a better understanding of this sector and its challenges. The excellent contribution that both these companies make, along with many others, show how important this sector is to both the UK and Northern Ireland economies.”